Leadership skills


To help managers recognise, understand and develop their own leadership potential.

Leadership has many facets some instinctive, some capable of being learnt. This programme examines and explores a range of aspects of leadership in order for delegates to create a personal reference database. Core to the programme is the evaluation and development of each delegates instinctive leadership style.

On completion of this very practical programme, delegates will have a clear understanding of what leadership is, how to apply a variety of styles in a range of different situations. On top of this they will have explored their own instinctive leadership style and will leave with an action plan of further self development.

What is covered ?

(Psychometric analysis completed before attendance)

Who Should Attend ?

Anyone who leads a group or team or is being prepared for such a role.

The two days of the programme are separated by three weeks in order that delegates can practice and cement the learning of Day One.

Group size is kept to 8 in order to ensure appropriate personal attention is given to each delegate.

Day One

  • Situational Leadership
  • What is leadership?
  • Characteristics of leaders
  • Leadership style for different situations
  • Practical application of leadership styles

Day Two

  • Personality based leadership
  • Individual Psychometric debrief
  • Compare self to day one list of qualities
  • Identify situations where our style is ideal
  • Practice operating outside of leadership
  • comfort zones
  • Agree plan to broaden comfort zones