Personal Effectiveness


To improve delegate’s personal contribution by exploring, understanding and practicing the tools, behaviours and skills required of effective team members in the work place. The programme will cover the following four main areas:

  • The way we work
  • Managing myself
  • Managing my work
  • Effective communication with others

Instinctive Contribution

Each of us has a range of instinctive skills which allow us to perform certain disciplines better than those around us. Recognising your own instinctive contribution is key, if you are to maximise your own potential. To maximize the value of this programme, delegates may choose to complete an Instinctive Contribution questionnaire prior to attending. Delegates will be de-briefed by a psychologist. The additional charge for this 30 minute debrief is £55 + VAT.

Who should attend?

This programme focuses on the individual’s contribution and is not a management course.
This programme is therefore suitable for all staff, technical or managerial, who would benefit from a clear understanding of the best way to achieve results as a team member.
Group size is kept to 8 in order to ensure appropriate personal attention is given to each delegate.

Day One

  • Managing time and priorities
  • Setting & meeting objectives
  • Effective listening
  • Mind mapping & note taking
  • 5 rules of communications
  • Personal responsibility

Day Two

  • Giving & receiving feedback
  • Managing the Boss
  • Contributing at meetings
  • Embracing change
  • Influencing peers
  • Managing workspace
  • Email